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LCR-Reader, the Lightest LCR-meter

LCR-Reader akin to Smart Tweezers

The Successor of Smart Tweezers

All-new model LCR-R1

High 1% basic accuracy

Automatic and Fixed L-C-R-ESR mesurement modes

Micro-USB Charger Connector and Li-Ion Battery

Smart Tweezers ST5 VideoSmart Tweezers Video

Smart Tweezers FAQSmart Tweezers FAQ

Smart Tweezers Calibration CertificateSmart Tweezers Calibration Jig Certificate

Smart Tweezers ManualSmart Tweezers Manual

From Smart Tweezers LCR-meter to LCR-Reader

LCR-Reader is very much alike Smart Tweezers LCR-meter in terms of ways of use. In contrast to Smart Tweezers it is considerably smaller in size and lower in weight as well as in the manufacturing cost.

LCR-Reader is twice as light as Smart Tweezers ST-5 and also powered by Li-Ion rechargeable battery with a micro-USB charger connector. Basic accuracy of the new device is about 1% which is not as good as that of Smart Tweezers ST5 (0.2%) but about the same as that for Smart Tweezers ST-2. It also has gold-plated stainless steel twezer tips. There is just one button that turns the device on and allows to change the measurement mode by a single button push: A (automatic), L (inductance), C (capacitance), R (resistance), and ESR (equivalent series resistance). All measurements are done automatically, test signal amplitude is fixed at 0.5 Volts, test frequency is automatically adjusted according to the component type and value. Similarly to Smart Tweezers, LCR-Reader in addition to the the main impedance component L, C or R it will also show the parasitics, such as R for L, C and C for R.

LCR-Reader akin to Smart Tweezers An example showing measurement of an inductance on a picture to the right, where AM indicates that the measurement is made in Automatic Mode, Rs indicates parasitic series resistance of the inductor, 10 kHz is the test frequency at which the measurement is made, L indicates that the type component measured is an inductor and 104.8 uH indicates the inductance value in micro-Henries, and the battery sign shows the battery charge level.

LCR-Reader is planned to be available for purchase in July-August 2013. Estimated sales volume is about four-fold compared to the latest Smart Tweezers model ST-5.

Follow the latest news at Smart Tweezers Blog. You can also watch a brief video of Smart Tweezers LCR-meter introduction.

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A detailed comparison of features of the LCR-Reader and previous models of Smart Tweezers is presented in this Comparison Table:

Smart Tweezers Comparison TableComparison with previuos Smart Tweezers models - PDF

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